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Psychology is a theoretical and applied science. All developed countries, such as USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and other European countries have tried hard to understand the human mind and have done a lot of studies in psychology. As an almost developed country, the need for psychologists is increasing in Taiwan.


Taiwan enacted Psychologist Law in Oct. 31, 2001. At the same time, there was a need to transform our college into a medical university, by taking the ride, with the importance of psychology in mind, we established the School of Psychology in 2002 and the Graduate Institute of Clinical Psychology in 2007 to train more clinical psychologists and counselors.


The school and institute are still young, there are about 200 under-graduate students, 4 graduate students, and 14 full-time faculties with specialties in psychological assessment, psychological treatment, cognition, neuroscience, biopsychology, personality, social psychology, developmental psychology and health psychology.


The school has an ambition to be the center of clinical psychology in the central area of Taiwan. At the same time, by cooperation with nursing, medical technique, health management, public health, social work, and other related professions, we would try to organize an excellent research team to provide assistance and medical services to the newly-transformed best medical university.

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